Do You Avoid Marketing Your Business?  

You’re not alone! 

So many entrepreneurs don’t want to appear “salesy” or “pushy,” and so they don’t consistently market their businesses. Or, they do market their businesses, but in an inauthentic way. Guess what? Being out of alignment actually repels your ideal clients—resulting in having fewer clients or non-ideal ones. Who wants that?  

You Struggle With: 

  • Your ideal clients seem out of reach, despite your best efforts  

  • The various marketing tactics you’ve tried aren’t working (or you avoid them altogether—no one wants to be ‘salesy’)  
  • You’re waving your arms around—I’m here! I’m here—but no one seems to notice 

  • Maybe you’ve thought about throwing in the towel and just getting a J.O.B. 

  • Your bank account ebbs and flows (sometimes it feels like more ebbing than flowing) 
Jill Celeste

You Want:  

  • More clients 
  • More money 
  • To stay in faith (no J.O.B. for you)
  • Accountability 
  • Increased visibility
  • Support and encouragement 
  • Some who believes in you 
  • A group of like-minded entrepreneurs 
  • An entrepreneurial confidante and cheerleader  
Typical Client Results with Jill Celeste

Introducing The Celestial Circle, a light-filled, fun-filled, and love-filled program.  

The Celestial Circle with Jill Celeste

“Jill is such a giver. She’s helped me increase my online visibility and, as a result, I’m getting more referrals. She demonstrates how to be authentic and not salesy in her own marketing and teaches me through her actions. The Celestial Circle is an exceptional value for the investment.” ~ Nicole Buratti, Bend and Blossom

The Circle is perfect for you if you…  

  • Use your gifts help people heal, transform, elevate, and live a better life.
  • Are empathetic, creative, spiritual, and intuitive—sprinkled with dashes of impatience and stubbornness.
  • Are a Lightworker. You are a healer. You are here to change the world.  
Connie Jo Miller

The biggest thing I’ve gotten so far from the Circle is a boost of confidence. Jill makes things do-able, attainable, and she genuinely believes in me.” ~ Connie Jo Miller, Enigma Bookkeeping Solutions

“Jill has created a wonderful community through the Celestial Circle where we can learn from her, and from each other, and feel safe in sharing our ideas.” ~ Susan Shelton, USANA Health Sciences

Susan Shelton

With The Celestial Circle You Receive:

Monthly Q&A Call (Duration: 90 minutes) 

Once a month, we will gather as a tribe and hop on Zoom to mastermind and support each other. No longer will you wander in the darkness, using the “whack-a-mole” approach to your marketing tasks! I facilitate each call, answering your marketing, mindset, and business-related questions. The LIVE calls are recorded for those who can’t attend or who want to revisit the juicy topics we cover. 

Study Hall Every Month (Duration: 2.5 hours)  

Study Hall, a favorite among our Celestial Circle community , schedules dedicated blocks of time just for implementing your marketing tasks. Study Hall is LIVE and facilitated through Zoom so that you can work on your marketing. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can run Study Hall on your time by watching the recording. 

Monthly Training (Duration: Maximum 60 minutes + implementation time)  

Each month, I will host a Live Class where I will teach you a topic that will help you grow your business. On occasion, I will bring in a guest expert to teach on my behalf (this may be a recorded or live training). I bring in only the best training and support to enhance your marketing efforts. 

The topics all are ones you can use in your business: marketing, content creation, social media, mindset, and much more. The modules are bite-sized too so that you won’t get overwhelmed. And because it's a Live Class, you can ask me a question right as you learn. Can't make the Live Class? No worries - it's recorded!

Online Marketing Library

You will also receive access to my Online Marketing Library, which houses more than 20 marketing modules from the Celestial Marketing Academy and Let's Get Clients! Challenge. In the library, you can learn marketing fundamentals, client attraction best practices, and how to write a marketing plan. These modules are available on demand.  

Facebook Group 

Think of our private Facebook Group as your sacred gathering place. Here, you will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who will lovingly support you on your entrepreneurial journey. I moderate this group every week day.

You will have tons of fun, feel included in a community, and have a safe place to celebrate your successes and vent your frustrations. And you’ll have a place to turn for those moments when you’re struggling with staying in faith and believing in your mission.  

Additionally, all past modules taught in The Celestial Circle are housed in our Facebook Group. You can access them anytime during your membership. 

Here's a short list of our past modules:

  • Video marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Facebook Live training
  • Writing a book
  • Following up with sales prospects
  • Getting clients from speaking gigs
  • Facebook & Instagram Stories
  • Powerful testimonials from your clients

Your Investment

You can choose to join The Celestial Circle by one of two ways—paying monthly (and you can cancel anytime) or paying for 12 months in advance (and when you do, you get two months free!)

For less than 80 bucks a month, you get so much value! 

  • 90-minute group coaching call  
  • 2 ½ hour study hall 
  • Approximately 60 minutes of live training plus materials 
  • Priceless connection with your tribe 
  • Access to more than 20 modules in the Online Marketing Library, plus all past modules taught in The Celestial Circle (18+ learning topics)

“Jill is incredibly generous with what she shares and being part of a dynamic group is just fantastic! You can feel Jill’s personality authentically in everything she does. The whole group feels rich and generous. I love her monthly training modules, which offer in-depth teaching on various topics.” ~ Hanne Broter, Your Brand Vision

“I love the Facebook group. The camaraderie in the Facebook group is the best—Jill’s love and faith are so evident!” ~ Kathleen Gubitosi, Voice Coach

Are you ready to join The Celestial Circle?

If you're ready to join, please click on one of the two graphics below. 

Remember: If you select the annual plan, you wil get two months free! And if you select the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time.

Pay annually only $790
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Meet Jill

Jill Celeste

Hi, I'm Jill Celeste - international bestselling author, marketing teacher, and founder of The Celestial Circle.

My mission is to teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs (just like you!) how to become the Directors of Marketing for their businesses.  

When I'm not teaching entrepreneurs how to market their businesses, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, basset hound, or cats. I've also adopted the backyard ducks (much to my neighbor’s chagrin).  

Other interesting things about me: 

  • I am obsessed with flamingos. They are my spirit animal. 
  • I use butterflies in my marketing in memory of my dad. 
  • It’s my dream to own an animal sanctuary. 
  • I have a fantastic sense of humor and a hearty, loud laugh. 
  • I love to read. I have more books than time. 
  • I believe in the Law of Attraction, Archangel Gabriel, God, The Universe, peace, joy and love. I am a snowflake, tree hugger, and pacifist.  
  • I am an entrepreneurial cheerleader. I believe in you, even when you don’t.  
  • I love you. Even though we may not have met, I am beaming love to you right now. That’s how I roll. 

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This is where most coaches will lay down the guilt-laden, final-call sales pitch to convince you to buy.  

Well, that’s not how I roll.  

Listen, if this investment takes food off your table, please don’t make it. I do not want to financially burden you or your family.  

If you can afford it and are unsure if you want to invest, but you have questions, please email my team, and we’ll be delighted to help you. 

to help you.

Jill Celeste

If it speaks to you, then please click one of the buttons below to make your purchase. Remember, if you choose the monthly option, you can cancel your membership at any time, and if you choose the annual option, you get two months free!

If you have questions, please email my team, and we’ll be delighted to help you.

Pay annually only $790
Only $79 a month


No refunds will be given for the annual pay option.  

If you select the monthly option, your credit card will be billed automatically. You can cancel anytime by emailing 

After we receive your cancellation, your credit card will not be charged again; however, we will not issue any pro-rated refunds. You will have access to The Celestial Circle until the end of that billing cycle.  

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